[Still] Shameless 5×05 | Rite of Passage
by Mireia | on Jan 25 2015 | Category: Gallery,Season 5,Shameless


  [PHOTOS] LA to Nicaragua film shoots
by Jessi | on Jan 08 2015 | Category: Gallery

Just posted some of Justin’s film shots from his Freedom is a Full Tank tour from La to Nicaragua.


  Ultimate Justin Chatwin Grand Re-Opening!
by Mireia | on Dec 26 2014 | Category: Gallery,Website

Welcome to Ultimate Justin Chatwin your #1 source dedicated to Justin Chatwin. We’re Jessi and Mireia, the new owners and we will update the site since now!. We will have updates for you shortly in the mean time please take a look around and get to know Justin Chatwin, and please take a look at our gallery where you will find loads of images of him:


  Shameless Season 2 Update
by mahgregio | on Feb 15 2012 | Category: Gallery,Season 2,Shameless

Finally, Justin is back on Shameless! I’ve added one promotional photo and a few stills to the gallery.

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Television > Shameless > Season 2 > Stills
Television > Shameless > Season 2 > Promotional


  GQ Spring Style
by admin | on Mar 27 2011 | Category: Gallery

I just uploaded to the gallery the photos from GQ Spring Style!

justin.jpg spring-preview-12-pants-justin-chatwin.jpg spring-preview-5-check-justin-chatwin.jpgspring-style-17.jpg tumblr_lht81hvWsu1qa2y2jo1_500.jpg

Source: GQ Spring Style


  New gallery layout and photos
by admin | on Mar 23 2011 | Category: Gallery

Hello! We are very sorry for the lack of updates but I’m sure everyone understands that our personal life comes first. I’m very happy to let everyone know that I changed the layout on the gallery that was beautifully designed by Purple Haze.

Please visit our gallery

More recently I added some stills of Funkytown:

154179_165568906818617_100000965263853_299388_4140149_n.jpg 155571_165569700151871_100000965263853_299390_2723818_n.jpg 156720_165569743485200_100000965263853_299393_3692146_n.jpg 156762_165569723485202_100000965263853_299392_5252862_n.jpg

Funkytown Stills x 8

More and more updates coming soon 🙂


  “Without a Home Premiere”
by admin | on Jun 12 2010 | Category: Gallery

Recent photos of Justin attending the premiere of “Without a Home” on 24th May! Thanks to Cristina for the pics!

Image00003.jpg Image00002.jpg Image00001.jpg


  New Event Pictures
by admin | on May 07 2010 | Category: Gallery

I just added to the gallery new event pictures from 14th April of Justin attending to the CWTV.com Viewing Party Of “Ghostfacers”! Plus I added a new gallery layout made by AM2AM in exclusive for The FanSites Network Hostees 🙂

Image00001.jpg Image00002.jpg Image00003.jpg Image00004.jpg

Thank you Bernard (MileyCyrus.bz) for the pics!

Gallery Link:
Events > 2010 > CWTV.com Viewing Party Of “Ghostfacers”


  Gallery Update!
by admin | on Dec 19 2009 | Category: Gallery

I just added new photos from 17th December’s event: Oakley Presents “Learn to Ride” with the Audi Sportscar Experience fueled by Muscle Milk at Infineon Raceway on December 17, 2009 in Sonoma, California.

Image00001.jpg Image00014.jpg Image00003.jpg Image00015.jpg

Important: an unknown problem at the gallery is making the thumbails have really weird colors, so I recommend you use “FullSize” to view the photos with the original colors 🙂

Gallery Link: Home > Events > 2009 > Oakley Presents “Learn to Ride” – 17th December


  Gallery Update – Photoshoots
by admin | on Sep 25 2009 | Category: Gallery

I just added to the gallery some photoshoots that were missing with Emmy Rossum!

pho01.jpg pho02.jpg 001.jpg 008.jpg


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