Old candids
by admin | on Aug 18 2009 | Category: Gallery

Thanks to Jhonatta (jhon_canadian@hotmail.com) for these!

justin-chatwin-lax-04.jpg justin-chatwin-lax-02.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-05.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-06.jpg

Home > Candids > LAX Aeroport – Early 2009


  Gallery Updates
by admin | on Aug 16 2009 | Category: Gallery

I’m like… wow! I just added some new photos of the Dragon Ball Evolution in Japan to the gallery! Justin looks so good!

new06.jpg new25.jpg new31.jpg new14.jpg

> Events > 2009 > Dragonball Evolution Premiere @ Japan


  Gallery Updated
by admin | on Jul 25 2009 | Category: Gallery

I added some missing photos to the gallery. Hopefully today I’ll add a new layout and more screencaps!

01~0.jpg 02.jpg 0012.jpg 0013.jpg

+ Dragonball Evolution South Korea Press Conference
+ Velvet Margarita’s 5th Anniversary Party and Cinco de Mayo Celebration – 5 May
+ T-Mobile Debuts The New T-Mobile G1 – 17th October 2008


  Dragon Ball Evolution Screencaps
by admin | on Jul 11 2009 | Category: Gallery

Today I revamped the gallery and the forum and added over 800 screencaps of Dragon Ball Evolution! Make you sure
you check it out!

db_evolution_0051.jpg db_evolution_1810.jpg db_evolution_0786.jpg db_evolution_0558.jpg

Movies; Dragon Ball; Screencaps x800

Screencaps of Dragon Ball


  New Photos in Gallery
by admin | on Apr 17 2009 | Category: Gallery

Here Juliet

They have added new photos to the gallery

In the folder ‘Fans photos‘ will be able to find fans’ photos when he recorded Dragoon Ball Evolution in Durango. Thanks to Mabel and ZaaiRaquel. Enjoy (:


  Dragonball Evolution Premiere @ Japan
by admin | on Mar 11 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,Gallery

I’ve added some photos from Dragonball’s Premiere at Japan.
You can see them clickin’ the thumbails below.
You’ll find some of them really funny hahaha.


  New pics: Dragon Ball
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,Gallery

We’ve added some pictures to the gallery:

1) Justin Chatwin at South Korea ‘DragonBall’ Conference:

2) Justin Chatwin at Taipei ‘DragonBall’ Conference:

Thanks to Juliet.

3) Stills Dragon Ball Evolution:

Thanks to MaximusDecimus.

Click ’em & Enjoy them!


  Gallery Applications
by admin | on Mar 03 2009 | Category: Gallery

I have turned off admin account activation. Unfortunately because of this gallery members can no longer comment on images as there will be no buffer to stop spammers. User account verification is still on. You MUST provide a valid email address and verify it or your account will remain inactive. If you did not receive an email you probably entered your email wrong or the email went to your spam folder. If it’s been 24 hours and you haven’t received it contact EMAIL the owner of UJC to check up on it. Always include your username. It doesn’t help if you email saying you didn’t get the activation code because we don’t know who you are.

Okay, I checked the gallery’s configuration and it looks someone edited it, and changed the url of the gallery to the main site so the activation links were pointing here instead of /gallery/. I’ve activated all accounts that joined since then. If you don’t get your activation email check your spam folder, if it’s not there either in 24 hours email whoever is running the site with your username. Also remember that the email takes different times to get to different providers. At Gmail it took only a minute or so, I’m still waiting for the email at my own domain.


  Profile Updating & Dragonball Photos
by admin | on Feb 03 2009 | Category: Gallery,Website

Sorry for the lack of updates!

All the applicants to the photo server up to February 1st have been reviewed and verified. If you filled out your application correctly, your login should work.

There have also been many additions to the Dragonball Gallery. Check them out! Thanks to Travis (a new administrator of ours)!


  ‘The Invisible’ Screen Caps
by admin | on Nov 14 2008 | Category: Gallery

I’ve uploaded the DVD screencaps into the gallery and will try to upload some video clips soon too!

Application review is also moving. If you filled out the application properly, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail.

I have a friend named Travis who will also be helping me review applications!


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