[Interview] Justin on Cineplex
by Mireia | on Sep 01 2015 | Category: Interviews

CINEPLEX: Did you ever expect that you would be in a musical?
JC: A musical? No. I feel like independent film is a place to experiment and fail, and do something that’s out there. That’s what independent film usually is supposed to – you know, to push the boundaries.

I remember when I was in high school, I auditioned – I really wanted a part in West Side Story, and I got a part, but I only had one line in West Side Story.

CINEPLEX: What part was it?
JC: I don’t know. I had one line. [To his mother:] Was I a Jet, or was I a Shark? You don’t remember? [To Cineplex:] I’m driving with my mom right now. I’m actually back staying in Vancouver right now. Wait, I was a Jet! I had one line, but singing and dancing terrified me. When I got this part [in Bang Bang Baby], it scared me, and those are the things I like to do. I took singing lessons, and I did watch a lot of kind of old Chuck Berry and Elvis, early pop star stuff. Did a little bodywork for it.

CINEPLEX: Speaking of Elvis, were there any other particular characters or people you drew from when realizing your character, rock idol Bobby Shore?
JC: Yeah, I based my character on Justin Bieber.

CINEPLEX: [Laughs] You did not.
JC: [Laughs] Yeah, I did – at the time that prison picture came out of Justin Bieber in jail. I was deeply touched by the smile he had on his face, and the satisfaction that he had of going to jail. The look on his face was, “I made it!” [Laughs] Read More… »