Justin in Private Wars
by admin | on Sep 13 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

According to Kristin Kreuk Web.com Justin will be starring in a new movie called “Private Wars.” Thanks to Jay for emai

ling me.


Mark [Hildreth] appeared recently in Johnny Depp's hit movie, “Pirates of the Carribean 3″ and is scheduled to star along with Kristen Kreuk and Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) in the upcoming screen adaptation of Private Wars.”


  Anton Yelchin Interview
by admin | on Sep 13 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

In an interview with IESB director Anton Yelchin discuses his new movie Middle of Nowhere. You can see the interview

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  Next Project…
by admin | on Aug 23 2007 | Category: News and Rumors,Projects

IMDB's Filmography section says Justin is set to be in a movie called
“Ye Old Times” that is set to come out this year.

He plays a character named Will but the movie

is currently in the
Pre-Production stages so not all info is solid. From what I understand
it looks to be a pretty good comedy.

More info when it becomes available.


  Justin at the Chateau Marmont
by admin | on Aug 05 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

Two new images have been added to the gallery of Justin a

t the Lucky Magazine and

Foley + Corinna's Resort Collection Launch. These were actually taken on my birthday, July 25!


  ‘The Invisible’ DVD Update
by admin | on Aug 03 2007 | Category: Movies,News and Rumors,Projects

The cover art for 'The Invisible' DVD has been released. Vie

w it here.


  Another Madeline Article
by admin | on Aug 02 2007 | Category: News and Rumors,Projects

The Rocky Mountain News has posted a new article on the Mistakes That Madeline Made. You can read it here. Madeline starts tomorrow with tickets at $25-33. If you live in or around the Boulder, CO, area make every e

ffort to support Justin by going to see his play! If you are one of the lucky people to who get to see it make sure you send me a report and review!

8/3 Edit: Another new article here.


  Madeline Reminder
by admin | on Jul 29 2007 | Category: News and Rumors,Projects

This is a reminder that The Mistakes Madeline Made will be playing in Boulder, Colorado from August 3-11. The Denve

r post has a new article on it.


  Molly Sims at at Chateau Marmont
by admin | on Jul 27 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

Buzz Foto snapped a pic of

Justin's girlfriend Molly Sims the Lucky Magazine event at Chateau Marmont last night. They also post that her and Justin are “as happy as can be”, reports their source.


  Justin in Riding the Pine?
by admin | on Jul 24 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

Justin is rumored to be signed up for a new film called Riding the P

ine, also to be starring Jamie King and Matthew Long. The movie is about two brothers who take a road trip after they find out one of them has a terminal illness.


  Justin is Nowhere
by admin | on Jul 13 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

Justin, along with Willa Holland and Susan Sarandon are set to star in the John Stockwell movie Middle of Nowhere, reports Guild Wars 2 Tyria Guide

blank”>Variety. Nowhere is the story of a young woman who rebels when she discovers her mother has blown her college money on the pageant aspirations of her younger sister. They begin shooting in September.


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