FunkyTown Official Trailer
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Finally!!!! Thanks to Nadia (via comment section) the trailer for the upcoming movie of Justin Chatwin is out now!


  Justin Chatwin:’Dragonball: Evolution’ Is All About The Hair
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In Dragonball: Evolution, Justin Chatwin becomes the live action incarnate of the anime character Goku. As protector of the dragonballs, Goku uses martial arts to fight off bad guys. Chatwin trained and learned the moves and choreography. All that really mattered was getting the hair right.

“That was one of the first questions that I asked,” Chatwin said. “What are we going to do with the hair? All these animes have crazy hair and I was like, am I going to be wearing a wig. Oh my God, this is going to be wacky. This is going to either be really interesting because it’s the first anime film or this is going to be the last film I ever do, like orange Ninja suit and two-foot hair.”

The film shows the beginning of Goku’s quest to find and protect the dragonballs. His hair evolves to the point that fans will recognize him as the anime character. “I think my hair has an arc of its own in this movie because I was such a freak every day. I’d say okay, this is the high school look. Okay, this is the post-Goku look. This is the journey look. I kept on changing it because I honestly don’t know if I ever got to a place where I was like this is Goku from the Manga. I felt a big responsibility to the Manga and to the fans and just to everything that had been done so the hair I guess was a challenge for me.”

Source: StarPulse


  Cast Interview
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Click here to read an interview of the whole cast of Dragon Ball Evolution. Soon I’ll post the link so you can download it.


  Talk about a second (maybe even a third) film
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There is some talk on the internet that there will be a second dragonball film. Check out what is being said.




These are only a few of the sites saying that there will be more than one.


  Scans and a new role
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I’ve added some scans from Roadshow (japan) magazine into the gallery, so go check them out!

‘Donnie Darko’ sequel
“One Tree Hill” star James Lafferty will play a role in the upcoming film, “S. DARKO,” a continuation of the Donnie Darko story, his publicist announced Monday. The Silver Nitrate/Newmarket film is in pre-production and will film in Los Angeles, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Other actors

linked with the film are Justin Chatwin (“War of the Worlds”), Ed Westwick (“Gossip Girl”), Elizabeth Berkley (“Showgirls”), Briana Evigan (“Step Up 2: the Streets”) and Daveigh Chase (“Big Love”). Chase plays Donnie’s younger sister, Samantha, plagued by visions on a cross-country road trip.

Information about Lafferty’s role was not released. The actor will begin filming the sixth season of “One Tree Hill” in Wilmington this month.

“Donnie Darko” starred Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal and earned a cult status among sci-fi fans after its 2001 release. It, too, had a connection to the Port City, with Wilmington’s Beth Grant (“No Country for Old Men”) playing a supporting role.


  Next Project…
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IMDB's Filmography section says Justin is set to be in a movie called
“Ye Old Times” that is set to come out this year.

He plays a character named Will but the movie

is currently in the
Pre-Production stages so not all info is solid. From what I understand
it looks to be a pretty good comedy.

More info when it becomes available.


  Madeline Reviews
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The first reviews of The Mistakes That Madeline Made have made their way to my mail box, both favorable!

Justin Chatwin… gives a distinctive performance as Wilson, a co-worker whose oddness approaches the creepy as he makes Tourette's-like mechanical noises. Chatwin manages the balance well, never becoming too darling or too pathetic. – Rocky Mountain News

Justin Chatwin (“War of the Wo

039;Fat Loss 4 Idiots'>Fat Loss 4 Idiots

rlds”) plays Wilson, Edna's officemate, with lots of nervous energy, and generates laughs along the way. – Boulder Daily Camera

With the reviews comes one new picture of the cast together, which you can find in the gallery. If you come across any yourself, make sure to send them my way.


  ‘The Invisible’ DVD Update
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The cover art for 'The Invisible' DVD has been released. Vie

w it here.


  Another Madeline Article
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The Rocky Mountain News has posted a new article on the Mistakes That Madeline Made. You can read it here. Madeline starts tomorrow with tickets at $25-33. If you live in or around the Boulder, CO, area make every e

ffort to support Justin by going to see his play! If you are one of the lucky people to who get to see it make sure you send me a report and review!

8/3 Edit: Another new article here.


  Madeline Reminder
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This is a reminder that The Mistakes Madeline Made will be playing in Boulder, Colorado from August 3-11. The Denve

r post has a new article on it.


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