We’re Back & New Domain
by Mireia | on Aug 11 2015 | Category: Website

Hello everyone! Our previous hosting (FSO) has closed, so we had to moved to another one. We’re now hosted by Flaunt Network, and our previous url is gone.

From now on, this site has a new domain: JUSTINCHATWIN.NET


  Happy 2015!
by Mireia | on Dec 31 2014 | Category: Website


  Ultimate Justin Chatwin Grand Re-Opening!
by Mireia | on Dec 26 2014 | Category: Gallery,Website

Welcome to Ultimate Justin Chatwin your #1 source dedicated to Justin Chatwin. We’re Jessi and Mireia, the new owners and we will update the site since now!. We will have updates for you shortly in the mean time please take a look around and get to know Justin Chatwin, and please take a look at our gallery where you will find loads of images of him:


  Server Problems + New Layout
by mahgregio | on Aug 25 2011 | Category: Website

Hey, everyone!

We’ve had some server issues, and due to that the latest updates and images added to the gallery were lost. I will add them back tomorrow and post the news again.

We’ve got a new theme here, made by Ania! Let me know what you guys think of it.


  Ultimate Tumblr
by admin | on Mar 24 2011 | Category: Website

Thanks to our dear staff member Juliet our website is now on Tumblr posting gorgeous photos, gifs, videos etc daily of Justin Chatwin!


  Fake profiles around the internet
by admin | on Mar 23 2011 | Category: News and Rumors,Website

All fans should know that the only known «official» links from Justin Chatwin are his Twitter and Youtube.

Justin Chatwin HAS NO OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE. If he had we would be the first to promote it.

We are aware that there is a fake facebook profile (even more than one ran by the same person) that pretends to be Justin Chatwin. Please don’t be fooled.

The social network profiles that we support on this website ARE TO PROMOTE THIS WEBSITE – and we have no official affiliation with Justin Chatwin or his management.

We are going to create a «Fake Alert» page where we place links to profiles created by someone that pretends to be Justin, so that everyone knows how many posers are out there.

If you have any usefull information please email us at: info@justinchatwin.net


Thank you so much.



by admin | on Oct 25 2009 | Category: Website

Hello everyone! I’m super excited about the new layout for this website (which will be online next Saturday) along with screencaps and more photos.

Plus, the birthday project is looking amazing! I want to thank everyone who se

nt their birthday wishes and artwork

! I’ll post photos of it soon!

And once again, Justin Chatwin doesn’t have a twitter!! Accounts like @MrJustinChatwin @Justin_Chatwin and @JustinChatwin_ are the same poser!

This is it for now. Sadly there aren’t new Justin news or photos 🙁


  Birthday Project!
by admin | on Sep 20 2009 | Category: Website

Hey everyone!

As you know, Justin’s birthday will be on 31st October and I decided to create a Birthday Project. With this I’ll create a video with all your messages (to be placed on You Tube) and create a small book with all your messages and send him!



  Slow Updated
by admin | on Aug 25 2009 | Category: Website

Hello everyone, this is Ana Rodrigues, the webmiss of this website… I recently got a new job which takes most of my free-time and that’s the reason why I haven’t been updating or replying to emails…
I’m so sorry about that, but

still, you can reach me on my Twitter which is now attached to my mobile phone so you can speak to me anytime of the day

In the mean-time I strongly recommend you follow Team Chatwin which provides awsome links and news related to Justin Chatwin!

I have surprises for you soon!!

You webmiss,
Ana Rodrigues


  New layout coming soon
by admin | on Jul 14 2009 | Category: Website

This is Ana, the admin, this is my last week of school so I’m very busy and only after next Friday I’ll be adding a new layout (this is a temporary version) and adding more content!

I made over 500 avatars of Justin (I spent a whole afternoon doing this and I’ll be adding those asap).

I want to thank all the fans who joined the forum and sent me nice comments 🙂

Plus I’m screencapping “Middle of Nowhere”… so I’ve been working hard 🙂


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