Fake profiles around the internet
by admin | on Mar 23 2011 | Category: News and Rumors,Website

All fans should know that the only known «official» links from Justin Chatwin are his Twitter and Youtube.

Justin Chatwin HAS NO OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE. If he had we would be the first to promote it.

We are aware that there is a fake facebook profile (even more than one ran by the same person) that pretends to be Justin Chatwin. Please don’t be fooled.

The social network profiles that we support on this website ARE TO PROMOTE THIS WEBSITE – and we have no official affiliation with Justin Chatwin or his management.

We are going to create a «Fake Alert» page where we place links to profiles created by someone that pretends to be Justin, so that everyone knows how many posers are out there.

If you have any usefull information please email us at: info@justinchatwin.net


Thank you so much.