Quick Facts
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Full name: Justin Chatwin
Birthday: October 31, 1982
Age: 26 years old
Birth place: Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada)
Height: 5’11 (1m80)
Education: studying commerce at the University of British Columbia
Started acting at: 18 years old

  • Justin likes the Chemical Brothers, Arcade Fire, Ricky Nelson, and Canadian bands like The Stills, The Deers, and the Matthew Good Band.
  • He also secretly likes Techno music but doesn’t listen to it unless he’s alone because nobody else likes it. His all-time favorite band is U2.
  • He likes to go duck hunting with his father.
  • Justin is currently living in Los Angeles.
  • He likes to talk about literature.
  • He likes to camp.
  • He used to play Ringette (an all girls Canadian sport). Their team won the BC championships.
  • He dressed up as Bill Clinton in highschool for Halloween and had a Monika Lewinsky doll at his side with a fake cum stain on her dress.