New pics: Dragon Ball
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,Gallery

We’ve added some pictures to the gallery:

1) Justin Chatwin at South Korea ‘DragonBall’ Conference:

2) Justin Chatwin at Taipei ‘DragonBall’ Conference:

Thanks to Juliet.

3) Stills Dragon Ball Evolution:

Thanks to MaximusDecimus.

Click ’em & Enjoy them!


  Justin Chatwin having fun at Hong Kong Airport
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This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen
Hahahaha. Mr Justin Chatwin presents:

Haha. Thanks to Edu for the video :]


  New Fan Partner
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Website

A website called Famous Why has joined our group in honoring Justin and contributing to the collective of fan material…

Famous Why Logo

You can view Justin’s Page by clicking HERE .

Thanks to their administrator for contacting me…


  DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION: Preview + Backstage
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution

*She died*

Justin Chatwin’s New video. Behind scene and an advance.

36 days nothing more!


  New Videos about Dragon Ball
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution

Hello people, I am Juliet . New poster at UJC, I hope that all good is.
Now Justin’s new videos.

Justin and the rest of the cast speaks of you them fight. Showing THE EXCELLENT one ir fights between the Teacher Roshi and Goku.

The second one Justin Chatwin shows to Emmy Rossum and promoting your new movie.

The third one. Justin and Emmy speak again on your personage.

And finally, the last and new trailer of Dragoon Ball (without effects) in English and Frenchman.

I hope that they like;) Thanks you ChatwinChannel (My Channel in Youtube about Justin Chatwin)


  Dragonball Game.
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution

*Migo shocked falls down*

The web page ‘Can you Kame Hame Ha?’ is now available, with the game of the movie Dragonball

It’s about to make the best Kame Hame Ha and destroy things, you know.

You ca

n check and play it: here


  Dragonball will be a trilogy.
by admin | on Mar 05 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution

Thanks to Terra Peru, we have the note, check the original (spanish) here


  Gallery Applications
by admin | on Mar 03 2009 | Category: Gallery

I have turned off admin account activation. Unfortunately because of this gallery members can no longer comment on images as there will be no buffer to stop spammers. User account verification is still on. You MUST provide a valid email address and verify it or your account will remain inactive. If you did not receive an email you probably entered your email wrong or the email went to your spam folder. If it’s been 24 hours and you haven’t received it contact EMAIL the owner of UJC to check up on it. Always include your username. It doesn’t help if you email saying you didn’t get the activation code because we don’t know who you are.

Okay, I checked the gallery’s configuration and it looks someone edited it, and changed the url of the gallery to the main site so the activation links were pointing here instead of /gallery/. I’ve activated all accounts that joined since then. If you don’t get your activation email check your spam folder, if it’s not there either in 24 hours email whoever is running the site with your username. Also remember that the email takes different times to get to different providers. At Gmail it took only a minute or so, I’m still waiting for the email at my own domain.


  Dragonball evolution sequel?
by admin | on Mar 02 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution

Justin Chatwin’s most recent project, Dragonball Evolution, has announced to have a sequel, named: Dragonball RebornIn the site IMdb we can find that the theorical release date for this movie is on 2011.

Check it here


  New video: Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum (Dragon Ball)
by admin | on Mar 02 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution

Hey guys! This is Migo :]
New poster at UJC :]
First of all, thanks to Meagan for the chance to be part of this web.

Now, here’s a video where Justin Chatwin (Goku) and Emmy Rossum (Bulma) talked about Dragonball The Movie.

Thanks to CinemaToday.jp



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