The Invisible – DVD Released
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You've all probably heard by now on TV but I thought I would say it on the Message Board:

The Invisible – Starring Justin (of course)… is to b

e released in stores ev


erywhere on DVD October 16th, 2007!!

Can you say… TOTALLY PSYCHED!!! (for those like me who didn't make it to theaters)


  Operation Smile
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As previously reported by Brittany, Justin was participating in Operation Smile. The main event took place on Friday. OK! Magazine covered the event, and while the article doesn't mention Justin directly (no comments from him), they did talk to Molly.


s Molly Simms, who rece

ntly traveled to Peru with pal, actor Justin Chatwin, for the organization, was singing the same tune when OK! asked her what turns her frown upside down. “Operation Smile!” she said.”

If you remember, the article first mentioning the couple as Smile Ambassadors was from Peru. If you want to read more about their work you can click back a couple of news pages.


  Justin Invited to Halloween Art Show
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According to LA's The Place Justin has been invited to a Halloween art show in Hollywood. No word on whether or

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not he will attend. The show, presented by actor Daniel Franzese will be called “Hollyween: Hollywood vs. Halloween” and take place at World of Wonder gallery in Hollywood on October 12. Other potential guest include Keanu Reeves, Robert Englund, Carrie Fisher, Anna Faris, Eli Roth, and Rosario Dawson.


  Lack of Updates
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Sorry I've been away for so long, but I just moved and have been without the internet for a while. Also, I'm having a lot of troubles with my current internet provider, so I'll most likely be swi

tching services soon.
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For your enjoyment I've added a couple new-but-old pics to the gallery, credit to clay_aiken_luver5230.


  Justin in Private Wars
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According to Kristin Kreuk Web.com Justin will be starring in a new movie called “Private Wars.” Thanks to Jay for emai

ling me.


Mark [Hildreth] appeared recently in Johnny Depp's hit movie, “Pirates of the Carribean 3″ and is scheduled to star along with Kristen Kreuk and Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) in the upcoming screen adaptation of Private Wars.”


  Anton Yelchin Interview
by admin | on Sep 13 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

In an interview with IESB director Anton Yelchin discuses his new movie Middle of Nowhere. You can see the interview

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  Next Project…
by admin | on Aug 23 2007 | Category: News and Rumors,Projects

IMDB's Filmography section says Justin is set to be in a movie called
“Ye Old Times” that is set to come out this year.

He plays a character named Will but the movie

is currently in the
Pre-Production stages so not all info is solid. From what I understand
it looks to be a pretty good comedy.

More info when it becomes available.


  Madeline Reviews
by admin | on Aug 11 2007 | Category: Projects

The first reviews of The Mistakes That Madeline Made have made their way to my mail box, both favorable!

Justin Chatwin… gives a distinctive performance as Wilson, a co-worker whose oddness approaches the creepy as he makes Tourette's-like mechanical noises. Chatwin manages the balance well, never becoming too darling or too pathetic. – Rocky Mountain News

Justin Chatwin (“War of the Wo

039;Fat Loss 4 Idiots'>Fat Loss 4 Idiots

rlds”) plays Wilson, Edna's officemate, with lots of nervous energy, and generates laughs along the way. – Boulder Daily Camera

With the reviews comes one new picture of the cast together, which you can find in the gallery. If you come across any yourself, make sure to send them my way.


  Justin at the Chateau Marmont
by admin | on Aug 05 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

Two new images have been added to the gallery of Justin a

t the Lucky Magazine and

Foley + Corinna's Resort Collection Launch. These were actually taken on my birthday, July 25!


  ‘The Invisible’ DVD Update
by admin | on Aug 03 2007 | Category: Movies,News and Rumors,Projects

The cover art for 'The Invisible' DVD has been released. Vie

w it here.


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