Thanks for Voting
by admin | on Jun 06 2007 | Category: News and Rumors,Website

Thanks to everyone who's been voting for Ultimate Justin Chatwin at Top Male Celebrity Fansites. We've already clim

bed to the #13 spot so keep voting, you can once a day.

Edit: June 9 – Wooo, we're currently #3! And thanks to everyone for your kind ratings! biggrin


  Justin in Jamie Wollrab Play
by admin | on Jun 03 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

The Denver Post is reporting that producer Jamie Wollrab (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) is bringing Justin Chatwin to Boulder, Colorado, to star in Elizabeth Meriwether's play The Mistakes Madeline Made, from August 3-11 at the Dairy Center. Chris Klein and Chris Marquette will co-star with him, along with an unidentified Hollywood actress. The New York Times called Madeline “a frenetic play about the horrors of low-level bureaucracy, pretentious writers and, more seriously, the death of a family member.”


e Jamie said, 'I've got this theater in the mountains, and we'll go hike during the day, and we'll come down and act on stage at night,”' Chatwin said from Los Angeles. “All of us were like, 'Well, yeah … in a minute!' “

“Jamie is like a positive force. It's rare to have someone who is that enthused to work with you. There's no judgment. He gives you a free, fun space to act in, and that's how it should be, because acting is supposed to be fun. So for actors to have an experience like we are going to have in Boulder is pretty awesome.”


by admin | on Jun 01 2007 | Category: Website

The Why Justin and Fan of the Month pages in the Fan Zone area are online, and I'm working to get the rest of that section up as well. In the Justin section the agency, astrology, Chinese astrology,

free traffic boom review

ustinchatwinfan.com/justin/family.php”>family, and name analysis pages are now up, and facts have been added, thanks to Tyler for sending them in.

If you like this site, please considering voting for us at Top Male Celebrity Fansites. Also, commenting is once again enabled, through use of a tagboard.


  Comments Problem
by admin | on May 29 2007 | Category: Website

For some reason all of the comments have disapeared and new comments are not being added

“because there is some problem with the comments database”. I am looking into the matter.


  Two Justin Chatwin Slideshows
by admin | on May 23 2007 | Category: Website

Links to two Justin Chatwin slideshows have been sent to me by fan Tyler. You can see them treatment nasal polyps

aBDx5rdBZK0″ target=”_blank”>here and here at YouTube.


by admin | on May 22 2007 | Category: Website

I'm going on vacation from now till Sunday. Expect updates from me when I return, till then look to Megan for

news! grin


  New Layout
by admin | on May 22 2007 | Category: Website

We've got a new layout made by the wonderful Sara and coded by me. A lot of the new pages say “coming soon”

on them, because I just wanted to get the layout up for now so you could visit the site again. I'll work on that stuff later. Please let me know if you run into any errors.


by admin | on May 17 2007 | Category: News and Rumors

Hey there! Brittany here, I will be posting updates and such, just helping out. I live in Florida…and I just graduated so I do indeed have some time on my hands.
IESB.net reports that Justin is rumored to be Magneto in an 'X-Men' spin-off. Quite

frankly my favorite films, so we will see how this works out.

Edit: You can see articles regarding the rumors here and here. – Megan


  Auction for The Invisible
by admin | on May 04 2007 | Category: Projects

Thanks for Robin and Dan for letting me know that Premiere Props is auctioning off costumes from The Invisible. If you would like to bid on any of the items, you can do so here.

May 8 Edit: Robin has informed me that the “The Invisible” Ebay auction has been updated with some more Justin costumes. If your interested, you can bid here


  YouTube Justin Videos
by admin | on May 02 2007 | Category: Website

Thanks to Jayla for sending in these links to YouTube videos featuring Justin. Both are promotionals for The Invisible. You can see the first one, an Invisible featurette , and an interview with Current  here. The next few days I’m going to be working on something for the site, so keep an eye out for big updates!


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