[Interview] Justin on Cineplex
by Mireia | on Sep 01 2015 | Category: Interviews

CINEPLEX: Did you ever expect that you would be in a musical?
JC: A musical? No. I feel like independent film is a place to experiment and fail, and do something that’s out there. That’s what independent film usually is supposed to – you know, to push the boundaries.

I remember when I was in high school, I auditioned – I really wanted a part in West Side Story, and I got a part, but I only had one line in West Side Story.

CINEPLEX: What part was it?
JC: I don’t know. I had one line. [To his mother:] Was I a Jet, or was I a Shark? You don’t remember? [To Cineplex:] I’m driving with my mom right now. I’m actually back staying in Vancouver right now. Wait, I was a Jet! I had one line, but singing and dancing terrified me. When I got this part [in Bang Bang Baby], it scared me, and those are the things I like to do. I took singing lessons, and I did watch a lot of kind of old Chuck Berry and Elvis, early pop star stuff. Did a little bodywork for it.

CINEPLEX: Speaking of Elvis, were there any other particular characters or people you drew from when realizing your character, rock idol Bobby Shore?
JC: Yeah, I based my character on Justin Bieber.

CINEPLEX: [Laughs] You did not.
JC: [Laughs] Yeah, I did – at the time that prison picture came out of Justin Bieber in jail. I was deeply touched by the smile he had on his face, and the satisfaction that he had of going to jail. The look on his face was, “I made it!” [Laughs] Read More… »


  We’re Back & New Domain
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Hello everyone! Our previous hosting (FSO) has closed, so we had to moved to another one. We’re now hosted by Flaunt Network, and our previous url is gone.

From now on, this site has a new domain: JUSTINCHATWIN.NET


  [HD ScreenShots] Orphan Black 3×08
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  Justin Chatwin Joins Indie ‘Unleashed’
by Mireia | on Jun 09 2015 | Category: News and Rumors,Projects

Kate Micucci and Shameless actors Steve Howey and Justin Chatwin will star in the indie Unleashed, which centers on a woman whose pets turn into full-grown men.

Finn Taylor (Dream with the Fishes) wrote and will direct the film. Susan Johnson is producing through her Braveart Films, along with Debbie Brubaker.

Micucci will star as Emma, a thirty-something app designer who moves to San Francisco after she’s betrayed by her boyfriend. One night, her pets — Ajax, a golden-eyed cat, and Summit, an energetic mutt — are transformed into two handsome, full-grown men (Howey and Chatwin) who begin to woo her.

Principal photography will kick off in San Francisco on July 1.

Source: hollywoodreporter


  [HD ScreenShots] Orphan Black 3×07
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  [Promo] Orphan Black 3×07
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  [HD ScreenShots] Orphan Black 3×06
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  [HD ScreenShots] 3×04 Orphan Black
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  [VIDEO] Justin pretended to be a local chicken farmer
by Jessi | on Mar 16 2015 | Category: Video

Watch Justin Chatwin’s Salton Sea Interview. While shooting a documentary at the Salton Sea in Southern California, they interviewed actor Justin Chatwin who for some reason pretended to be a local chicken farmer.



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