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I know that’s really really not the time to say that but I can’t handle the site by myself anymore. I used to love webdesigning so much that I wanted to open a new site every week. But this year I realised that I absolutely didn’t have time to do that anymore.
I used to have 5 sites back at the beginning of this school year (before December), I already gave up two of them… I still have my Lou Taylor Pucci one that I am running without any co-webmasters, and the Nicholas Hoult one but we are three people working on it, and sure, the Justin one. The thing is that I really don’t have my mind in running websites anymore, I’ve got too much work to do for school and I don’t have time to update any of my sites anymore. If you don’t trust me you should know that I’m French and French school system sucks, I’m at school from 8am to 6pm every day from Monday to Friday (including Wednesday) and I’ve got at least 3-5 hours of homework everyday or even more.

SO, I’ve been really thinking of that since the last few months and I decided that if I had to give up a site it would be Ultimate Justin Chatwin. Why? Even if I still really love him, Justin doesn’t have any project, except the same ones has he had last year when I opened the site. The last new thing I saw with him was Lost, and he was awesome in it but I feel like I’ve lost interest in his career. I know the Invisible gets out at the end of the month but I don’t even feel that much excited about it, maybe because I don’t know when I’ll be able to see it because it’s not even scheduled for getting out in France yet.
Moreover, with the Invisible getting out there will be tons of new fans, tons of news, new pictures, and all those promotion stuff and I really won’t be able to handle that since I already have too much things to do with my final exams coming and everything…

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now and I finally came to the conclusion that I should put this site up for adoption. Don’t yell at me, I am not closing it yet but if I don’t find a new owner that’s probably what will happen… You’ve got to understand that running a website really takes a lot of time and I can’t do that anymore, I’ve got a life besides Internet.

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If you wish to apply to adopt this site please fill out this form and send it to webmaster@justinchatwin.net. You have to know HTML (or PHP) to adopt it, so please provide me a link to one of your websites if you have one.

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